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Leave Bugs and Pests to Professionals

In an effort to save money, people will attempt to determine what type of bug or pest is in the space. They will then purchase some off the shelf product to get rid of the intruders. Do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control is never wise for a few reasons. The first is that bugs and pests are often mistaken for other bugs and pests. Squirrels are mistaken for chipmunks, mice are often confused with rats, and carpet beetles are thought to be bed bugs.

Why Is that a Problem?

The key to proper pest control is the correct identification of the pests. Using an inappropriate method to eradicate the pest will do more harm than good. While people are practicing bed bug extermination in the bedrooms, for example, those carpet beetles are tearing apart the flooring in the living room.

Damage continues and the situation gets worse. A professional exterminator identifies bugs and pests every day for a living. They rarely get it wrong so no time is wasted. The treatment methods are also much stronger than sprays or baits found on department store shelves. The problem will be quickly eradicated and damage will cease.

Getting Them All

People have no idea when all the pests are gone. Discontinuing efforts, no matter how weak the methods may be, before all the pests are gone will only result in temporary relief. Professionals no only know the right length of treatment, they have ways to ensure no bug is left behind. Monitors and interceptors can be placed strategically to determine all bugs are gone from the premises.

Preventative recommendations are provided by professionals as well. Those can be follow-ups in three or four months, encasing mattresses, sealing up cracks, caulking around pipes where they enter each floor or getting different bird feeders to discourage the squirrels. They can also educate people regarding what to look for in the future that signifies when to call the company.


Purchasing a bug spray for a few dollars may be appealing, but will not save money. It is more cost-effective to have professionals take care of the pests and bugs because it will be taken care of all at once. A fast remedy will also prevent major damage. A professional for pests will cost less than a professional contractor or restoration expert when there is structural damage, furniture has to be restored, or mattresses have to be replaced. Compare some of those costs to discover just how much savings will be realized when bugs and pests are left to the professionals.

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